Small group tutorial sessions are held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, during the AVID elective class. During tutorials, the  class is divided into 4 tutorial groups.  Each group is led by a college-aged tutor.  Students are given the opportunity to ask questions they do not understand from their Math, English, Science or Social Studies classes.  The group lends support by asking questions that stimulate better understanding while the tutors simply act as guides to allow the process to run smoothly.


  • To create a deeper understanding of concepts covered in class.  
  • To Develop the skills necessary for students to take charge of their own learning.


  • To help each other with how we think about thinking and learning.
  • The AVID tutorial uses the inquiry process.
  • Tutors do not give answers, they help the students come up with their own conclusions.
  • Students reflect on their learning.

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Be sure to fill out your Tutorial before you come to class.  Need help filling out the form?  Watch the video below.  Here is a Tutorial Request Form if you need one.