What is AVID?



having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.
“an avid reader of science fiction”

having an eager desire for something.
“she was avid for information about the murder inquiry”


“AVID is an organization to help students gain power in wanting to go to high school, college, and succeed. AVID has an impact on many students who want to have good grades, want to have honors classes, or even want to get a scholarship into their dream university. The AVID organization helps students become closer to each other, their teachers and their classmates. Many students don’t have hope in going to college because they can’t succeed by themselves. AVID helps students gain that ‘Individual Determination’ so that they have the power to succeed all by themselves without being scared.”-Mia E.  AVID 8th grader (2017-2018).


“Avid is a special program that helps kids prepare themselves for the real world they will face later on in life such as high school and college. It also is a place to tutor kids to help them gain a deeper understanding of their class work and homework to improve their grades.  That is what I think Avid is about.”-Damien G.  AVID 8th grader (2017-2018).

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