AVID and the Holiday Spirit

Christmas is coming soon and AVID 8 is getting ready!


Last week, AVID 7 and 8 students made placemats for the Meals on Wheels organization.  All the kids did a great job!  Check out the photo above with just a few of the placemats.

To thank the tutors for all of their hard work, AVID 7 and 8 wrote thank you cards.  We placed our thank you’s into stockings.  Each tutor had their very own stocking.


AVID hopes you all have a wonderful holiday season!


A Skill All Good Readers Have

What is the skill that all good readers have?   It is called Metacognition.   So what is metacognition, a person may be asking themselves.  It is the process of thinking about and controlling a person’s own learning experience.  In reading, this means the reader can carefully think about and understand what is going on in the reading.  The reader is aware of how he/she is thinking about what they are reading and doing something with that knowledge.  It’s like having a conversation in the reader’s mind about the reading.  Good readers with metacognition find meaning in the text and think deeply to comprehend what they are reading.  A person can learn to have metacognition while reading.  Click here to find out more.

Skills Needed for Future Job

As you go through school, the question, “Am I learning the skills necessary for my future job?” should be floating somewhere in your mind.

Examples of skills you may need are:

constant learning
critical thinking

These skills are predicted to being crucial to a successful 21st-century entrepreneur.

The above skills will allow you to become a problem solver, creative thinker and will help you be able to quickly change with unpredictable times ahead.

Which of the skills above are you learning in your classes?  Do you think there are skills you will need that are missing from the above list?  Comment below.


Want to read the entire article?  Click here!

Don’t Use “You”!

Many young or inexperienced writers use “You” as their point of view.  It is very distracting for a reader.  Mostly because what the writer may be trying to convey is not relevant to the reader.   Example, I once read a paper that stated, “If you plan on going to college you should study more.”  One, I have already gone to college so I don’t need to worry about getting into a college.  And two, I am slightly offended that the writer thought I did not study while I was in high school. I don’t think that the writer meant to irk me, the reader but that is exactly what has happened.   The other problem with using “You” is that it can make the writing too informal for the intended purpose.

Below is a list of suggestions on how to fix the “You” dilemma.

When you are at school, you should not eat the food in the cafeteria…

Kids at school should not eat in the cafeteria…
When students are at school they should not eat in the cafeteria……
When you go to the store for only one item then you are wasting your time.

When people go to the store for one item they are wasting their time.
When shoppers go to the store for one item they are wasting their time.
You are crazy to think that if you do not study you will get into college.

Young adults shouldn’t count on not studying if they plan on going to college.
Students should keep an open mind about studying if they plan on going to college.

How to Study, Part 1


Want to learn how to study?  Here are some awesome tips to help you get started.

  1.  Write all of your tests in your Pioneer Passport.  Be sure to give yourself a few days to study for your test.
  2.  Figure out what you need to study and gather it together before you actually sit down to study.  Things like notes, study guides, worksheets, quizzes and don’t forget the textbook.
  3.  Try to guess what types of questions will be on the test.  The better you get at figuring out what will be on the test the better you will be able to study for the test.
  4.  Find a relaxing place to study.  Somewhere where you can relax and focus on the material.


Check out Part 2 here for different effective ways to study for the test.


CSU Fresno

My daughter is a junior in high school and is beginning to think about which college she would like to attend.  Sounded like a good reason to go on a road trip!  So my daughter, Cat and I, packed up our car and headed out last summer to see as many Cal State Schools we could in two weeks.  Seventh on our list was CSU Fresno located in the city of Fresno located in the Central Valley.

DSC_0459 (1)

My daughter loved Fresno.  She loved that the campus was close to the city of
Fresno and that there was so much to do in Fresno.  The school was located next to a large shopping center as well.  Furthermore, Fresno has a huge farm.  My daughter was really interested in taking the rodeo class.