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IMG_20160226_162352This blog is written for and by AVID students.

AVID’s mission is to prepare students for college.  AVID is not only a program, it is a lifestyle.  It’s a student’s future, AVID takes a student on a journey to reach his/her goals in life.  It is a program to help students develop good habits to succeed in college.  As a result, AVID is a program to advance oneself to pursue his/her college dreams.

by Bryanna S.

Mrs. Espeseth teaches AVID at Sussman Middle School.  She is a graduate of Cal State Chico.  She runs Makelearningstick.  Interested in her other blog?  Click here.

Click here to see the Syllabus for AVID 8


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25 thoughts on “About Makelearningstick

  1. Great job Bryanna S, this year is going to be a blast! By the way, your blog was really descriptive and well explained, now I know how to explain AVID to my friends.


  2. Great job Bryanna, you did a great job explaining what AVID is all about, I have heard that we are going to have a lot of field trips!!!!!


  3. I agree with Bryanna S. about AVID because AVID helps you be college ready and get into a good college. It helps you be ready for any trouble that comes your way.


  4. Great Job!You really inspired me in A.V.I.D I really like what you wrote on your paper Bryanna S it seems like you are going to be a published writer cause you write so good.


  5. I agree with all my classmates. I as a matter of fact have lots in common with Viviana. I have good grades and really focus on school.


  6. Today we did our tutorials alone. I liked it because you can explore different ways that other people do math problems. The one thing that I didn’t like was that you didn’t have anyone to correct you I you got the answer wrong.


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