Seven Techniques to Help Write Your Best Under Timed Writing Contitions

Want to be a better writer?  I found this great article on how to be a better writer when being timed.  Not only will these tips be useful when preparing for any type of timed test but these tips will just make you a better writer in general. Click here to find the seven tips. 


Write Here, Write Now!

Learning to be a good writer is one of the skills taught in AVID.  But why exactly do we practice writing skills?  The answer is writing will be used more than any other subject we learn in school no matter what profession we decide to have.

According to a study from CollegeBoard, businesses are  spending as much as $3.1 billion on remedial writing training–annually. That’s because students completed school and did not learn how to write.


We need to practice writing and we need to practice it often not just to get good grades in school but also for our future jobs.  Lucky for Sussman Middle School,  our motto is “Write Here, Write Now”.