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How Do You Study for a Test? by Charlize R.

I study for tests in a couple different ways.  One way I study for tests is by using study guides when they are provided to me.  I also quiz myself or ask a family member for help when I need it.  I ask questions in class to make sure I understand what I am doing so that when a test comes, I won’t be clueless.  My type of studying depends on the type of test I am going to take such as math, science, English, and social studies.  In conclusion, I study for tests in several different ways that really help me on tests.

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How Do You Study for a Test? by Joshuah T.

The way I study for a test is simple. First, I start off by completing any study guide I am given in class.  Most of the time a worksheet is given a day or two before the test.  While I am completing my worksheet I use any notes that were given to me or that I’ve written down.  Then as I am writing on the worksheet I recite all of the answers in my head so that I remember them.  My next step is to read the question while covering the answer and see if I can solve the question with the same answer as the first time.  After I solve the problem I uncover the question and check to see if my second answer is correct.  Next, I usually have a friend read them out to me while trying to remember what the answer is.  Normally by now the questions and answers are on flashcards.  Last, but not least, I repeat my last couple steps again just to make sure to remember every single answer.