MyScript Calculator

I was doing research on Socratic the other day when I found the app, MyScript Calculator.  The app seems pretty cool.  A person types math equations onto his/her phone’s screen, and it solves them.  This sounds like a great way to check to see if a person’s math is correct.  The bad part of this app is it does not show a person how to solve the equation. Photomath integrates camera support, but, again, that’s just math. WolframAlpha is unarguably a fantastic tool for quickly finding relevant answers and information. Compared to Socratic it’s not quite as simple, though, as it targets an older audience. One has to research the problem themselves in WolframAlpha, as opposed to just snapping a picture and seeing what comes up. I use WolframAlpha quite a lot, and I think that the benefits to the individual that come from research outweigh any potential convenience in an educational capacity, but that’s a matter of opinion.

I am pretty interested in this app.  Check it out and comment below telling me what you think.



Need Help with Your Homework?

Having trouble doing your homework?  Then I may have the app for you!  It’s called Socratic.  It was launched at the end of the last school year.  But it has been around for almost a year, it used to be called Homework Genius.  It seems like the app might be pretty cool.  You simply take a picture of your homework, it presents information on the topic, and it provides you with answers.

But does it work?  Yes and no.

I have read some reviews that state that the less writing that is on the worksheet the better it works.  The review went on to say that it just did okay with math worksheets.  One review thought it would work pretty well for Middle School students.

I am really excited for someone to check this out and give me their opinion of the app.

Check it out and then comment below what you think.

Socratic Android App

Screenshot (397)Socratic has been around for awhile now.  It was under the name Homework Genius.

How it works: You take pictures of your homework, and the app tells you about the topic and provides answers.


I myself have never used it but it seems like it might be good.  Comment below if you have used Socratic and if you have found it useful.


5 Myths About Learning That Are Wrong!

I was reading a great article from Flipboard the other day about the 5 myths we have about learning.  A really great article about a super important subject.  Check out a bit of the article here and then be sure to read the entire article from the link at the end.

  • We have set learning styles.  In other words just because a person is a visual learner doesn’t mean a person can’t learn using their hearing or their hands.


  • Rereading material over and over again is a good way to study.  No way! It’s a good way to not engage with the information and put 0 effort into the work.


  • Focus on one subject at a time.


  • A person’s first answer is always the best answer.  Not exactly.  I myself can think of a million times I have thought about an answer and changed it because my initial thinking was false.


  • The more hours you put into studying the better you will understand the material.  See above.  If a person is mindlessly reading or not engaging with the information nothing will be remembered.  In fact, a person may just be wasting their time.

Read the entire article here!

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  Comment below!