Matt Court at the University of Oregon

I was lucky enough to go to a basketball game at Matt Court at the University of Oregon last night.  I even took a few pictures!


Oregon was playing the University of Colorado.

Hey, there’s the Oregon Duck!  He is the official mascot for the University of Oregon.


Since I was in Oregon for 5 days I got to go to two games.  The picture below is the game against the University of Utah.


Matt Court is a great place to watch a basketball game!



Want to Go to A Good School?

Money Magazine rated the top 711 schools in the United States.  That ranking was based on three different criteria.

  1. The quality of education which includes how quickly students graduated, how the students and professors evaluated the school and the financial well-being of the school itself.
  2. Affordability which means the amount of debt students acquire for attending the school, the value of the degree a student earns, and the affordability of the school for low-income students.
  3. The outcome which is to say the amount of money a graduate makes, if the school’s reputation actually helps the student get a job, and if the student’s job helps them move from one socio-economic class to another.


Below are all of the colleges in California that were ranked by Money Magazine.

4.  University of California-Berkeley


Want to see the entire list?  Click here!

AVID and the Holiday Spirit

Christmas is coming soon and AVID 8 is getting ready!


Last week, AVID 7 and 8 students made placemats for the Meals on Wheels organization.  All the kids did a great job!  Check out the photo above with just a few of the placemats.

To thank the tutors for all of their hard work, AVID 7 and 8 wrote thank you cards.  We placed our thank you’s into stockings.  Each tutor had their very own stocking.


AVID hopes you all have a wonderful holiday season!

A Skill All Good Readers Have

What is the skill that all good readers have?   It is called Metacognition.   So what is metacognition, a person may be asking themselves.  It is the process of thinking about and controlling a person’s own learning experience.  In reading, this means the reader can carefully think about and understand what is going on in the reading.  The reader is aware of how he/she is thinking about what they are reading and doing something with that knowledge.  It’s like having a conversation in the reader’s mind about the reading.  Good readers with metacognition find meaning in the text and think deeply to comprehend what they are reading.  A person can learn to have metacognition while reading.  Click here to find out more.