How to Find the Essential Question

The Essential question is the question that is sometimes asked at the beginning of the lesson.  It is the question that when answered will sum up what was learned in class on a particular day.

Many times the essential question will be written on the board or mentioned by the teacher.  If it is not, a person can still discover the question.

Turning the standard into the Essential Question

First, a person must find the standard.  When looking in the book, it is best to look at the first part of a section, unit, or chapter.


Notice, I have circled two parts of this Social Studies book.  The circle on the top is the main ideas of the section.  The circle on the bottom is the standard.  Either one can be used to write an essential question.

Please realize that though the books may be different the standards and main ideas will almost always be placed in the same location.

Simply rewrite the sentence into a question.

Below are some examples of Essential Questions.

Screenshot (226).png

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