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UCLA Was Wet and Wonderful

We had a great time on the UCLA field trip today but it was a bit wet.  Luckily, the storm really did not hit us until we were just about to leave.  We had a wonderful tour where we got to walk quite a bit of the campus and we saw some beautiful scenery.  The wind was fierce, quite a few of us lost our umbrellas, I even lost my hat!  If any one has a picture of my lone hat on the grass comment it below.  Many students bought souvenirs like UCLA hats and gear, Abriana and Valerie took home a very interesting item and we even watched a dancer entertain us at the end of the trip.  It was a great time!


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7th and 8th Grade AVID Learn The Tutorial Process Together

Ms. Jeong, the 8th grade AVID teacher, and Mrs. Espeseth, the 7th grade AVID teacher, thought it might be fun to combine 7th and 8th grade AVID to do a tutorial together. So on August 19th all of AVID met in the cafeteria to have one pretty large tutorial. The 7th graders were still new and learning the tutorial process. Both AVID teachers thought the combined tutorial would give the 8th graders a chance to show what they know and help the 7th graders, allow the 7th and 8th graders a chance to mingle and allow everyone a chance to sharpen their tutorial skills.  The AVID teachers thought it quite a success.


Comment below if you had fun that day!