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Looking for a Job?

Wondering why you are working so hard to go to college?  Asking yourself what kind of job you will have as a grown-up?  Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by clicking here.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a Federal Agency that studies jobs.  This website lists 580 different jobs.  This site can and will answer what jobs will be most/least popular, how much a job pays, and how much education you will need to get a particular job.

This website is the best resource I have seen to help a person decide what to do when they grow-up.

Why start looking now?  Know what you want to do will help motivate you to get the best grades possible so that you can go to the best college for you.

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Don’t Use “You”!

Many young or inexperienced writers use “You” as their point of view.  It is very distracting for a reader.  Mostly because what the writer may be trying to convey is not relevant to the reader.   Example, I once read a paper that stated, “If you plan on going to college you should study more.”  One, I have already gone to college so I don’t need to worry about getting into a college.  And two, I am slightly offended that the writer thought I did not study while I was in high school. I don’t think that the writer meant to irk me, the reader but that is exactly what has happened.   The other problem with using “You” is that it can make the writing too informal for the intended purpose.

Below is a list of suggestions on how to fix the “You” dilemma.

When you are at school, you should not eat the food in the cafeteria…

Kids at school should not eat in the cafeteria…
When students are at school they should not eat in the cafeteria……
When you go to the store for only one item then you are wasting your time.

When people go to the store for one item they are wasting their time.
When shoppers go to the store for one item they are wasting their time.
You are crazy to think that if you do not study you will get into college.

Young adults shouldn’t count on not studying if they plan on going to college.
Students should keep an open mind about studying if they plan on going to college.

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You Need More Sleep!

As a teacher, I find that I am constantly telling children they need more sleep.  I can’t even count the number of times per day I tell a student “put your head up”, or “sit-up”.  Sleep is incredibly important for students.  The amount of sleep a person gets affects everything from weight loss (or weight gain) to how much they will care about other people to how well a person thinks.

So how much sleep should a young adult get?

That depends. Scientists know that younger people need more sleep than adults.  For example, babies need between 16 to 18 hours of sleep a day.  For preschool children, the number changes to 11-12 hours.  School-age children need about 10 hours and teenagers need about nine to 10 hours a night.

That means if you head off to school at around 7 am, which most of us do, a typical middle school student will have to be in bed by 9 pm.

What time do you go to bed at night?  Do you find going to be earlier makes you happier?  What keeps you up at night?  Comment below.