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Colleges With the Most Girls With STEM Majors

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Traditionally, there have been more boys studying these types of fields than girls.  The other day, I found this graphic that shows the highest percentage of girls with STEM majors from the 100 largest colleges.  It is interesting to note that STEM degrees typically pay better than other degrees.

ForbesSTEM4 Note: Data via National Center for Education Statistics and

Think you might be interested in a STEM degree?  There are lots of schools in California to choose from.

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Will You Be a Part of the Lucky Few Thousand?

Screenshot (177)

Getting into college is not easy. Going to an Ivy League or other prestigious school is darn near impossible. Check out the graph above to find out just how hard it is to go some of the most popular colleges in the United States.

Work, dedication, persistence, and a lot of determination is what is needed to get into these schools.

Want to know the differences between these schools?  Click here to find out.

What school do you want to go to?  Comment below.

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Get An Education First!

Many student-athletes hope for glory on a professional field or court.  But statistically, the odds of becominScreenshot (100)g a professional athlete are very low.  So what does the NCAA suggest to all athletes?  Get an education first.  There is nothing wrong with dreams of an NFL, NBA, or MLS career.  In fact, those dreams are the stuff of movies and inspire us to do great things.  Just be sure to think about your education first.  Having a great education is an excellent backup plan if your dreams change or don’t work out.  Your education can lead you in a direction you never even imagined.

The numbers are shocking, according to the NCAA, approximately 0.08% of high school seniors already playing football will be drafted by an NFL team. The numbers are a bit better for those who want to play soccer. 0.09% of high school seniors who play soccer will be drafted by a Major League Soccer (MLS) team.  For those who play high school basketball, the NCAA has your numbers too.  0.03% of high school senior boys will get to play for the NBA.  That number stays the same for girls who want to play for the WNBA.    If you want to read all of the statistics created by the NCAA click here.

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The Numbers Add up to College

Since the Recession has ended 11.6 million jobs have been created.

3.8 million of those jobs went to workers with a Graduate degree.
4.6 million of those jobs went to workers with a Bachelor’s degree.
3.12 million of those jobs went to workers with some college.
80,000 of those jobs went to workers with a high school diploma or less.


Education Level of Today’s Workforce

Workers with at least a 4-year college degree are 36% of the total workforce.
Workers with no more than a High School diploma are 34% of the total workforce.
Workers with some college are 30% of the total workforce.

The Jobs of Today

In 1947

  • 50% of all workers were Manufacturers, Construction Workers, or worked with Natural Resources
  • 28% of all workers were in Health Care, Finance, Education, or Government Services.

In 2016

  • 19% of all workers are Manufacturers, Construction Workers, or worked with Natural Resources.
  • 46% of all workers are in Health Care, Finance, Education, or Government Services.

Read the entire article here.

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Twenty Richest Private Colleges in the U.S.

I just found an article in Business Insider that reveals the twenty richest private universities in the United States.  The top school is worth $36 billion dollars and could buy the companies Prudential, General Mills, or Nokia.

So what exactly does a university do with all of that money?  Good question.  The money is used to run the school, provide financial aid to students who can not afford to pay the high tuition.  Fund research and grants for people to discover new medicines, new technology, or just new ways to do things.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), an organization under the US government that collects and analyzes education data, provided Business Insider with the most recent figures on US college endowments (the fiscal year ending in October 2014). It also provided its most recent data on the annual cost for a student to attend each college while living on campus.

Click on the link here to check out the twenty wealthiest private colleges.  Each school has an endowment of more than $3 billion!


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More Americans Are Attending College

The Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education released its first report.  Check out some of what they learned about today’s two and four-year colleges.

  • Almost 90% percent of students who graduate from high school attend college within eight years.
  • But only 40% of students complete a bachelor’s degree in four years and 60% graduate in six years.
  • At two-year colleges, 29% of students graduate in three years.
  • In 2015, 50% of women aged 25-29 had a bachelor’s degree; 41 percent of men did.
  • 72% of Asian, 54% of white, 31% black and 27% Hispanic students aged 25-29 had earned an associate degree or higher
  • 50% of high school students have to take remedial classes because they are not prepared for college.
  • 28% of two-year college students who took remedial classes earned a degree in 8.5 years.
  • In 2012, about 50% of students took out loans to pay for college.
  • In 2014, 52% of low-income high school graduates immediately enrolled in college; 81% of high-income graduates did the same.
  • 85% of students who graduate from high school have taken some kind of post-high school classes before turning 30.

Want to Read the entire article?  Click here!