Interested in Doing a Little Coding?

AVID 7 and 8 are meeting in the cafeteria to do a bit of coding.  Check back for updates and pictures…


Want to do a fun coding activity?  Go to

Here are some more code activities


Want to learn how to build an app for your phone?  Go to


Open House 2017

It was great to see so many people at Open House.  I love to see students bring their parents to my class to share what they do every day.  Lots of students were proudly showing their parents their portfolios and tutorials.  There was so much to see you might have missed the slide show movie of student’s work.  Check it out below.  Comment if you see something you like.

7th and 8th Grade AVID Learn The Tutorial Process Together

Ms. Jeong, the 8th grade AVID teacher, and Mrs. Espeseth, the 7th grade AVID teacher, thought it might be fun to combine 7th and 8th grade AVID to do a tutorial together. So on August 19th all of AVID met in the cafeteria to have one pretty large tutorial. The 7th graders were still new and learning the tutorial process. Both AVID teachers thought the combined tutorial would give the 8th graders a chance to show what they know and help the 7th graders, allow the 7th and 8th graders a chance to mingle and allow everyone a chance to sharpen their tutorial skills.  The AVID teachers thought it quite a success.


Comment below if you had fun that day!

AVID Has a Fun Day

On Friday, October 28th, both 8th and 7th grade AVID got together in the cafeteria to take a much-deserved break to play games.  Jenga, checkers, Connect 4, Halloween themed Kahoot, and Popular culture themed Quizziz were just the ticket to have a fun day and get to know each other a bit better.  Mrs. Espeseth, the 7th grade AVID teacher, ran the computer games from the front of the Cafeteria via her computer.  She had to be quick as she was running two games at the same time.  Ms. Jeong, the 8th grade AVID teacher, was in charge of putting the day together and passing out the treats to the students.

Comment below which games you played and which one was the most fun to play.

Write Here, Write Now!

Learning to be a good writer is one of the skills taught in AVID.  But why exactly do we practice writing skills?  The answer is writing will be used more than any other subject we learn in school no matter what profession we decide to have.

According to a study from CollegeBoard, businesses are  spending as much as $3.1 billion on remedial writing training–annually. That’s because students completed school and did not learn how to write.


We need to practice writing and we need to practice it often not just to get good grades in school but also for our future jobs.  Lucky for Sussman Middle School,  our motto is “Write Here, Write Now”.


Learn Art on the Computer

I just got this email from Kahn Academy.  AVID 7 uses Kahn Academy a lot for a variety of different reasons but our favorite is coding.  Below Kahn Academy is giving students a chance to learn how to make artwork that could be used to make animated movies.

We have a brand-new Pixar in a Box lesson for you to try out!
This week, we’re unveiling “Patterns,” which explores the math and art behind the creation of realistic dinosaur skin for Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur”:

Here is the link address if you need it.