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Leadership Opportunities in AVID

_20171014_132649AVID 8 has been incredibly busy this year with leadership!  As one AVID student said we seem to have a focus every year.  In 7th grade, that focus was computers and coding this year’s focus was leadership.  AVID 8 had many leadership opportunities. Keep reading to find out what we did.

Every month Sussman Middle School had a school-wide binder and Pioneer Passport check.  Teachers would ask students to show them an organized binder and a Pioneer Passport which is Sussman’s name for an agenda completely filled out for the week.  AVID 8 students helped teachers check students binders and passports and collected data for the AVID program.  Some students were even allowed to run the entire check themselves.  Students really liked the opportunity to help teachers out and be in charge.  In addition, AVID students went on the school’s morning news to announce when the next check would be and to show examples of organized binders and Pioneer Passports.

AVID 8 students became quite proficient at using two self-grading programs called Grade Proof and Grammarly.  AVID 8 students were instrumental in not only teaching the Social Studies teachers on how to use the programs but also helping 6th and 7th-grade students use the programs to correct their DBQ essays on Google Docs.

Sussman Middle School recently created a newsletter.  Two students from AVID helped Mrs. Espeseth write an article about AVID that was placed in the Monthly school newsletter.

AVID 8 also helped with AVID Recruitment this year.  A number of AVID students spoke throughout the year to the 6th-grade exploratory classes to encourage students to join AVID when they reached 7th and 8th grade.

AVID 8 students were asked to show all 6th and 7th-graders how to look up their grades using Student Connect.  Then AVID 8 students helped students create goals at the 6-week mark before the end of the first semester and second semester.  

Both AVID 7 and AVID 8 made Christmas themed placemats for the Meals on Wheels program.  

AVID 8 students wanted to participate at Sussman Middle Schools first official Family Fun Night.  AVID 8 students, with some help from Mrs. Espeseth, decided what their booth would be, helped plan booth set up and take down, and who would work the booth.  Students decided to have a Cake booth.  Proceeds from the booth paid for the End of the Year Party and an after the event party.DSC_0513

AVID 8 students assisted parents who needed help fill-out the Parent LCAP survey at Open House and talked to parents about the AVID program.

After school tutoring was made available at Sussman Middle School.  AVID 8 students offered to tutor any students who needed help on Thursdays for most of the school year.

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Family Fun Night

AVID 8 students wanted to work a booth at Family Fun Night on April 12th of this year so a student committee was formed and it was decided that the AVID 8 booth would be a Cake Walk.  The booth was completely created and ran by students.  Parents donated cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, sweet breads, and brownies to AVID to give away at their Cake Walk.  We had about 20 AVID 8 students volunteer to work the booth.  It was a great night for us.  We made $260.00 and the best part was, we had enough treats left over to have a small party the next day.  Mrs. Espeseth bought 4 gallons of milk so that the entire 8th-grade AVID class could have milk with their treats.  The money raised at Family Fun Night will help pay for the AVID End of the Year Party to be held on May 23rd.


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Take a Peak at AVID 6

Lots of great things are happening at AVID 6.  A few 8th graders went by their classrooms to encourage AVID 6th graders to join AVID 7.  I was told pictures had to be taken and added to the website.DSC_0527.JPG

Lots of great college information is being displayed in Mrs. Perez’s room.  All banners and brochures were gathered by the students by writing to colleges and requesting more information on a school of their choice.


A picture of more banners.


Look at all of those college projects.  AVID 6 gets a chance to learn about a college and creating their own banner representing the school they chose to learn about.