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10 Best Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree

Kiplinger analyzed 784 occupations and found 10 of the best high-paying jobs in expanding fields that don’t require a college degree.

1. Commercial pilot

Total number of jobs: 41,382
Job growth, 2005-2015: 3.1% (All jobs: 5.3%)

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 13.6% (All jobs: 11.0%)

Median annual salary: $75,183 (All jobs: $43,430)

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

2. Electrical power-line installer

Total number of jobs: 120,059
Job growth, 2005-2015: 11.4%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 12.7%

Median annual salary: $66,279

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

3. Service sales representative

Total number of jobs: 951,019
Job growth, 2005-2015: 2.6%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 15.5%

Median annual salary: $51,971

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

4. Plumber

Total number of jobs: 455,459
Job growth, 2005-2015: 0.3%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 16.7%

Median annual salary: $51,228

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

5. Aircraft assembler

Total number of jobs: 40,582
Job growth, 2005-2015: 26.9%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 15.8%

Median annual salary: $49,762

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

6. Industrial machinery mechanic

Total number of jobs: 336,616
Job growth, 2005-2015: 9.9%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 19.0%

Median annual salary: $49,150

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

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7. Machine tool programmer

Total number of jobs: 25,737
Job growth, 2005-2015: 12.4%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 24.2%

Median annual salary: $49,013

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

8. Computer user support specialist

Total number of jobs: 654,008
Job growth, 2005-2015: 18.0%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 19.2%

Median annual salary: $48,437

Typical education: Some college

9. Mechanical insulator

Total number of jobs: 32,039
Job growth, 2005-2015: 13.5%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 32.6%

Median annual salary: $47,807

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

10. Surgical technologist

Total number of jobs: 104,199
Job growth, 2005-2015: 25.7%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 22.7%

Median annual salary: $45,750

Typical education: Postsecondary non-degree award

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Want to Go to A Good School?

Money Magazine rated the top 711 schools in the United States.  That ranking was based on three different criteria.

  1. The quality of education which includes how quickly students graduated, how the students and professors evaluated the school and the financial well-being of the school itself.
  2. Affordability which means the amount of debt students acquire for attending the school, the value of the degree a student earns, and the affordability of the school for low-income students.
  3. The outcome which is to say the amount of money a graduate makes, if the school’s reputation actually helps the student get a job, and if the student’s job helps them move from one socio-economic class to another.


Below are all of the colleges in California that were ranked by Money Magazine.

4.  University of California-Berkeley


Want to see the entire list?  Click here!

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How Do You Study for a Test? by Joshuah T.

The way I study for a test is simple. First, I start off by completing any study guide I am given in class.  Most of the time a worksheet is given a day or two before the test.  While I am completing my worksheet I use any notes that were given to me or that I’ve written down.  Then as I am writing on the worksheet I recite all of the answers in my head so that I remember them.  My next step is to read the question while covering the answer and see if I can solve the question with the same answer as the first time.  After I solve the problem I uncover the question and check to see if my second answer is correct.  Next, I usually have a friend read them out to me while trying to remember what the answer is.  Normally by now the questions and answers are on flashcards.  Last, but not least, I repeat my last couple steps again just to make sure to remember every single answer.

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Meeting Jacob Sartorius by Diamond S.

Students were asked to write a memoir based on one important experience from their lives.  Check out Diamond S.’s memoir.  It is about her getting a chance to meet Jacob Sartorius.

Meeting Jacob Sartorius

One of the most exciting days of my life was meeting, what I hope will be, my future husband.  On Halloween, my mom surprised me with tickets to see Jacob Sartorius. I was so shocked that I couldn’t even breathe. My mom bought me the tickets because I was working hard in school and trying to keep my grades up.  The day finally arrived.  There was a short line. While my mom was waiting in line I decided to get water. While I was waiting for the water, I realized that I saw Jacob’s dad. I was totally freaking out. After I got the waters, I went to my mom and I said,” I saw my future father -in-law!’’ “Huh?’’ my mom asked.  I explained to her,” I saw Jacob’s dad while I was waiting in line. “Ohhhh.’’ my mom said.

I was about to meet 4 different artists, The Bomb Digz, Johnny Orlando, Baby Ariel, and finally Jacob. Once I got inside the building, my heart started pounding really fast! I went up to The Bomb Digz, I was smiling and scared at the same time. I took a picture with them, then moved on to the next act. Johnny Orlando was next.  I was waiting in line and all of a sudden, Johnny came up, and HUGGED ME!  We took a picture together.  On to Baby Ariel I thought. She is my queen.  I was very excited to meet her.  As I walked up to her, she called me “gorgeous”. That made me so happy, I wanted to cry but I was holding it in. Finally, I was going to meet the boy of my dreams, Jacob Sartorius. As I walked up to him, he called me a cutie and then he hugged me. I was so happy.  I smiled when we took a picture.   And then I just had to hug him again. We left to go to the stage to wait for the performance to start. Five hours passed before the concert started. I didn’t care, it was the best night ever. I’ll never forget that concert or meeting the boy of my dreams, or should I say, my future husband? Even though my heart was pounding and beating fast all night it was a happy night. I hope one day I can see Jacob again without me being scared or crying.

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My Poor Eye Lid by Dominic M.

Students were asked to write a memoir based on one important experience from their lives.  Check out Dominic M.’s memoir.  It is about an eye injury he received when he was seven years old.

It was not the first time I excluded myself from people while doing an activity. I was alone at a table, in my elective. I always dreamed of being in a position to go to a different school where I could start a new, but that hasn’t happened yet. I was putting beads on a string to make a necklace. I ran out of beads so I walked to the teacher to get some more.

“Can I get some beads?” I asked. I had gotten them, and while walking back to my isolated table, a girl got up and hit me with what I thought to be her necklace. I heard a sound, like a knife being sharpened, a slice, that only I seemed to hear. I suddenly felt a wave of pain fall over my eyelid, like getting blood drawn from my veins, but from my eye. I ran out of the classroom yelling, screaming in pain, thinking, I’m only 7, I’m too young. Aiming for the nurse’s office, without even thinking to tell the teacher why, I ran, and I came across the principal.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in a concerned voice. I couldn’t talk so I simply uncovered my eyelid not knowing what it looked like. She, first, looked shocked, then, she took me to her office. She called for an ice-pack and asked me a few questions. I told her who did it and what we were doing at the time. She summoned the girl who cut my eyelid, and she came. The principal asked a few questions, and soon, the girl was crying for some reason. I was annoyed by her crying because I was the one with the bleeding eyelid. She soon was allowed to leave while   the principal and I talked some more. Later, I was sent to my next class. I walked back to my class. I had learned that day, to be aware of my surroundings, so that nothing like this ever happened again. And so far it hasn’t…