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Do You Have Good Character?

Showing character is a full-time job.  At school, at home, where ever you are, whatever you do. If you are looking for ways to show off your good character read the questions below.  How many yeses do you have?


  • Do you stand up for your beliefs?
  • Do you follow your conscience?
  • Do you build and guard your reputation?
  • Do you tell the truth?
  • Do you keep your promises?
  • Do you return what you borrow?
  • Do you stand up for and protect your family, friends, school, and country?
  • Do you keep a secret?


  • Do you treat others the way you want to be treated?
  • Do you value and honor all people?
  • Do you take good care of property you are allowed to use?
  • Do you listen to others and try to understand their points of view?
  • Do you solve problems without anger and without violence?
  • Do you use good manners?


  • Do you accept responsibility for your actions?
  • Do you think before you act?
  • Do you do your best EVERY DAY?
  • Are you prepared?
  • Do you work hard?
  • Do you take charge of your own life?
  • Are you a positive person?


  • Are you fair?
  • Do you treat people equally?
  • Are you open-minded?


  • Are you kind, loving, and considerate?
  • Are you thankful and express gratitude for what people do for you?
  • Do you forgive others for their shortcomings?
  • Do you help people in need?


  • Do you care about and pursue the common good?
  • Do you volunteer to help your school be better, cleaner, and safer?
  • Do you protect the environment?
  • Do you play by the rules?
  • Do you obey your parents, teachers, and coaches?
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What to Ask Your Teacher at the Beginning of the School Year

Is There A Syllabus?

All the rules of the classroom, what is on a test, how to get makeup work, and other valuable information can be found on the syllabus.  Yet some students and most parents never read it.  And if the parents and student do read the syllabus they almost immediately forget the information.  The syllabus is like a student handbook for that particular class.

How Do You Grade?

No one should care about your grade except you.  It shouldn’t be the teacher’s responsibility to tell you what you need to raise your grade or how many points you need for a certain grade.  Be sure to ask the teacher at the beginning of the semester about grades.  Questions like does the teacher roundup, or what happens if there is a missing assignment are important to know ahead of time so that a student is not doing a ton of makeup work. that is of no value.

Do You Accept Extra Credit?

Many teachers allow extra-credit.  Make sure to ask how much it is worth.  Be sure you know if extra credit is constantly offered or only offered certain times of the year.

What Do I Do When I am Absent?

Most teachers have a system in place for absent students.  Make sure you know that system.  Teachers are busy and have many students, it cannot be up to them to remember when you were absent and which papers you are missing.


If I Have a Problem When is the Best Time to Talk to You?


Some teachers actually leave their class at lunch and snack.  So when is the best time to talk to a teacher?  Sometimes it is during class, sometimes it is after school.  Every teacher is different.  If you need help with an assignment or need to talk about your grade do not assume that your teacher is waiting for you in their classroom.  Ask ahead of time so that if you need to talk you know where that teacher will be.


It is important to take notes the first few days of school and jot down important information about the policies of a classroom.  I found a great handout that will help you identify what is important.  Click Getting to Know Your Class to make a copy.

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Keep In Touch

Want to know what is going on in class?  Want to stay on top of homework?  Then students and parents need to join Remind.  Remind is a free app that allows me, Mrs. Espeseth, to text homework and other important messages to you through your phone or email.  It is free and safe.  Just send a text to the number 81010. Then in the text box type the word @cesp3


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Supply List

Wondering what school supplies to buy your student for the next school year?  This is the list I sent to all students before the end of the school year.   Remember that supplies run out typically around November or December.  Be sure to buy enough supplies for the entire school year, especially now when supplies are so inexpensive.

 If you are unable to get any of the school supplies for any reason, please email me or comment below. I am here to help your child succeed in school and will assist you with whatever I can.  If you have any questions about the supplies, please email me.  My email address is or feel free to comment below.

Each student is RECOMMENDED to have:

  •   Binder 1 1/2″ inch wide
  •   5 subject dividers
  •   Composition book (for science)
  •   Pens blue or black (at least 2)
  •   Pencils (at least 2)
  •   Highlighter (at least 1)
  •   Red pencil/pen for correcting
  •   Handheld pencil sharpener
  •   Colored pencils and/or crayons
  •   3 hole punch (thin & with holes so that can be placed inside a binder)
  •   Filler paper (college rule)
  •   * Pioneer Passport (these will be available at the beginning of the school year)

Please note:  depending on the specific needs of each class, it may be necessary to purchase additional items for your child.


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10 Best Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree

Kiplinger analyzed 784 occupations and found 10 of the best high-paying jobs in expanding fields that don’t require a college degree.

1. Commercial pilot

Total number of jobs: 41,382
Job growth, 2005-2015: 3.1% (All jobs: 5.3%)

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 13.6% (All jobs: 11.0%)

Median annual salary: $75,183 (All jobs: $43,430)

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

2. Electrical power-line installer

Total number of jobs: 120,059
Job growth, 2005-2015: 11.4%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 12.7%

Median annual salary: $66,279

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

3. Service sales representative

Total number of jobs: 951,019
Job growth, 2005-2015: 2.6%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 15.5%

Median annual salary: $51,971

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

4. Plumber

Total number of jobs: 455,459
Job growth, 2005-2015: 0.3%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 16.7%

Median annual salary: $51,228

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

5. Aircraft assembler

Total number of jobs: 40,582
Job growth, 2005-2015: 26.9%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 15.8%

Median annual salary: $49,762

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

6. Industrial machinery mechanic

Total number of jobs: 336,616
Job growth, 2005-2015: 9.9%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 19.0%

Median annual salary: $49,150

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

Read more: 10 best jobs of the future

7. Machine tool programmer

Total number of jobs: 25,737
Job growth, 2005-2015: 12.4%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 24.2%

Median annual salary: $49,013

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

8. Computer user support specialist

Total number of jobs: 654,008
Job growth, 2005-2015: 18.0%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 19.2%

Median annual salary: $48,437

Typical education: Some college

9. Mechanical insulator

Total number of jobs: 32,039
Job growth, 2005-2015: 13.5%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 32.6%

Median annual salary: $47,807

Typical education: High school diploma or equivalent

10. Surgical technologist

Total number of jobs: 104,199
Job growth, 2005-2015: 25.7%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 22.7%

Median annual salary: $45,750

Typical education: Postsecondary non-degree award