UC School Rankings

University of California, Berkely

Ranked #4 out of top 150 universities in the world


University of California, Davis

Ranked #55 out of top 150 universities in the world
School of Management: Ranked #42
School of Education: Ranked #36
College of Engineering: Ranked #34
School of Law: Ranked #39
School of Medicine: Ranked #45
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing: Ranked #52

University of California, Irvine

Ranked #47 out of top 150 universities in the world
Paul Merage School of Business: Ranked #44
School of Education: Ranked #25
Henry Samueli School of Engineering: Ranked #37
School of Law: Ranked #28
School of Medicine: Ranked #48

University of California, Los Angeles

Ranked #12 out of top 150 universities in the world
Anderson School of Management: Ranked #15
School of Education and Information Studies: Ranked #3
Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science: Ranked #16
David Geffen School of Medicine: Ranked #11

University of California, Riverside

A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management: Ranked #93
Graduate School of Education: Ranked #72
Bourns College of Engineering: Ranked #67

University of California, San Diego

Ranked #14 out of top 150 universities in the world
Rady School of Management: Ranked #82
Department of Education Studies: Ranked #62
Jacobs School of Engineering: Ranked #13
School of Medicine: Ranked #18

University of California, San Francisco

Ranked #18 out of top 150 universities in the world
School of Medicine: #4
Note: UCSF school of nursing was in the top 10 for all nursing programs, but due to an administration “oversight” the school was not included in the ranking, according to the University of California.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Ranked #41 out of top 150 universities in the world


University of California, Santa Cruz

Ranked #93 out of top 150 universities in the world
Education Department: Ranked #101
Jack Baskin School of Engineering: Ranked #85

Think You Can’t Do Much because You’re a Kid?

Think Again!

If you have ever feel like you are just a kid and can’t do anything than you need to read this article.  It turns out even kids have done some pretty great things.  Keep reading to find out more.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great became ruler when he was only 16 years old.  At 18 he began expanding the Roman Emperor by conquering lands from Greece to India. He was in charge of one of the largest ancient empires of all time and he never lost a battle.

Nadia Comeneci

At 14 years old, Nadia won the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada as the first gymnast to score a perfect score.  In total, she won five Olympic medals as a gymnast.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart was just 5 years old when he wrote his first piece.  With the help of his father, he wrote his first symphony when he was just 8 years old.  He created over 600 pieces of music in his lifetime.

Blaise Pascal

When Blaise was 12 years old he started studying geometry.  At 19 he began making a hand held calculator in 1642.  He was a successful mathematician, philosopher and physicist.

Mary Shelly

When Mary was 18 years old a group of friends challenged each other to tell ghost stories.  This inspired Ms. Shelly to write “Frankenstein.” The book was published two years later, when she was 20 years old.

Take inspiration from these awesome kids and see what you can do!

Read the entire article here!

How Much Money Do You Need To Make?

Ever play the game M.A.S.H. when you were a kid? Play the grown up version to find out how much money you need to make to live the lifestyle you dream about.  Want to play M.A.S.H.?  Click here.

So what did your salary come out to be?  Mine was some crazy number like $300,000 dollars a year.  Try this site for a numbers that are a little bit more realistic.

Here is another site that gives a different opinion on what a typical budget for a person who lives in Los Angeles, California.  Click here.

How Much do you have to make to be considered rich in the United States?  Click here.

Debt means a person spends more than they earn.  Check out the top 25 reasons a person goes into debt by clicking here.  Why would you go into debt?

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UCLA Was Wet and Wonderful

We had a great time on the UCLA field trip today but it was a bit wet.  Luckily, the storm really did not hit us until we were just about to leave.  We had a wonderful tour where we got to walk quite a bit of the campus and we saw some beautiful scenery.  The wind was fierce, quite a few of us lost our umbrellas, I even lost my hat!  If any one has a picture of my lone hat on the grass comment it below.  Many students bought souvenirs like UCLA hats and gear, Abriana and Valerie took home a very interesting item and we even watched a dancer entertain us at the end of the trip.  It was a great time!


My Poor Eye Lid by Dominic M.

Students were asked to write a memoir based on one important experience from their lives.  Check out Dominic M.’s memoir.  It is about an eye injury he received when he was seven years old.

It was not the first time I excluded myself from people while doing an activity. I was alone at a table, in my elective. I always dreamed of being in a position to go to a different school where I could start a new, but that hasn’t happened yet. I was putting beads on a string to make a necklace. I ran out of beads so I walked to the teacher to get some more.

“Can I get some beads?” I asked. I had gotten them, and while walking back to my isolated table, a girl got up and hit me with what I thought to be her necklace. I heard a sound, like a knife being sharpened, a slice, that only I seemed to hear. I suddenly felt a wave of pain fall over my eyelid, like getting blood drawn from my veins, but from my eye. I ran out of the classroom yelling, screaming in pain, thinking, I’m only 7, I’m too young. Aiming for the nurse’s office, without even thinking to tell the teacher why, I ran, and I came across the principal.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in a concerned voice. I couldn’t talk so I simply uncovered my eyelid not knowing what it looked like. She, first, looked shocked, then, she took me to her office. She called for an ice-pack and asked me a few questions. I told her who did it and what we were doing at the time. She summoned the girl who cut my eyelid, and she came. The principal asked a few questions, and soon, the girl was crying for some reason. I was annoyed by her crying because I was the one with the bleeding eyelid. She soon was allowed to leave while   the principal and I talked some more. Later, I was sent to my next class. I walked back to my class. I had learned that day, to be aware of my surroundings, so that nothing like this ever happened again. And so far it hasn’t…

Memoir by Emma C.

Students were asked to write a memoir based on one important experience from their lives.  Check out Emma C.’s memoir.  It is about her final softball game to win the championship.


“BAM” the ball was hit and it went flying! In 2013, I was happy! Something happened that I couldn’t believe. My softball team won the championship! It all started when we got to the park. The girls and I started to warm up. Our coach told us to put our game face on. We had to win. About two hours later it was game time. That’s when I got more nervous!

First, we started on the field. My coach put me in left outfield. The whole time I was out there, I was nervous. My teammate next to me said,” Don’t worry you’ll be fine.” And at the moment, the ball was hit right at us. It came more towards the girl I was talking to. She wasn’t paying attention so I ran and caught the ball. Threw it to second base and the hitter was out!

When we went to bat, my coach told me,” Good job Emma!” Now it was my turn to bat. When I stepped into that box, my heart started beating fast. The ball was pitched. It was just me and the ball. Right when it came to me, I hit it. Bam! I started running as fast as my legs could take me. I made it all the way to third base. After me, another girl hit. When she hit, I ran home. That feeling I got when I scored was like a happy feeling. It all felt unreal. I had scored!

An hour past and it was the last batter from the other team. All we needed for us to win was is to get her out. The girl who was pitching was my friend named Piper. She had fast arms so I had hoped. The first time she pitched the girl missed. That means one strike. The second time she pitched, she missed again. Now one more strike and we are winners! So, Piper pitched the ball. The girl swung, but she missed! At that moment we were winners! We got 1st place!!! I will never forget that feeling when I hit that ball and went home! Now I just need to practice harder to hit a homerun!