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Math Problem Solving Steps

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Next time you get stuck on a math problem be sure to look at this great bookmark.  It just might help you get “unstuck”

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Why Math?

Why does math seem so hard?  I get that question all the time in AVID Tutorial.  Math is more than just solving, it’s about understanding math concepts.  Math, today, is teaching us how to think.  Today, math is teaching the how and why not just the what. Math is an incredibly important skill we all need to learn.

Math should be an equal mix of procedure (how to solve the problem) and problem-solving (how can we use the problem).  Learning to think is a crucial skill that will be used over and over again in your lifetime.  People need to be inventive, people need to be able to see a problem and find a solution.  Not just in math but in life.  So next time you are in math class or AVID tutorial.  Keep a positive attitude when it comes to math.  Math is not easy but it is probably one of the most important classes you will ever take.

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5 Myths About Learning That Are Wrong!

I was reading a great article from Flipboard the other day about the 5 myths we have about learning.  A really great article about a super important subject.  Check out a bit of the article here and then be sure to read the entire article from the link at the end.

  • We have set learning styles.  In other words just because a person is a visual learner doesn’t mean a person can’t learn using their hearing or their hands.


  • Rereading material over and over again is a good way to study.  No way! It’s a good way to not engage with the information and put 0 effort into the work.


  • Focus on one subject at a time.


  • A person’s first answer is always the best answer.  Not exactly.  I myself can think of a million times I have thought of an answer and changed it because my initial thinking was false.


  • The more hours you put into studying the better you will understand the material.  See above.  If a person is mindlessly reading or not engaging with the information nothing will be remembered.  In fact, a person may just be wasting their time.

Read the entire article here!

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  Comment below!

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Welcome the New Semester Right!

Another new semester, another new start.  Be sure you use each new semester to your advantage.  Check out these tips to make Seventh grade a fabulous year!

1. Use your time wisely!

  • Be sure to use your Pioneer Passport EVERY DAY!  Don’t just write your homework also include projects, tests, field trips, practices, and any other commitments you do not want to forget.
  • Be sure to review your Pioneer Passport every day to be sure you know when assignments are due.  The older you get the more assignments you will have.  Getting in the habit of checking when items are due will make you a very successful person.
  • Don’t wait to do assignments until the last minute, unexpected things come up.

2.  Be Prepared to Work Hard!

  • Some people think that the first few weeks of a semester is not important.  That is not true.  A student should work just as hard the first few weeks of school as the end.  In fact, if you consistently work hard school would be easier and you would get better grades.

3.  Talk to Your Counselor!

  • Having trouble in a class?  Is it too easy?  Too hard?  Is there someone in class that is bugging you?  Do you sit next to someone you are going to talk to? Then tell your counselor.  Your counselor is there to help you do well in school.  If you need help ask for it.

4. Set a Goal!

  • Find a reason to do well in school.  Set a goal or find a role model that will want you to work hard in school.
  • Think about last semester.  What would you have liked to have done differently?  How could you have gotten better grades?
  • Stay positive.

Identifying realistic and specific academic and personal goals can help motivate you. Try to remain positive, and acknowledge (and celebrate) each goal you meet. You deserve it!