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Want to Make Some Hair?

Kahn Academy has created a new Pixar in a Box animation lesson for Merida’s hair from the Movie “Brave”.  In this newest simulation check out how Pixar artists use science and math to simulate hair, trees, and clothing.  And of course, you will get a chance to try out making hair as fabulous as Merida’s. Click here to check it out!

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Pixar In a Box by Aaliyah R.

Last week, in AVID, we discovered a website that teaches computer animation. The website is called Pixar in a Box. It can be found on Khan Academy. It has everything needed to teach computer animation. It shows videos and guides it even has practice lessons. It also has quizzes so a person can fully understand what a person needs to do. If a person gets an answer wrong a person can watch the video again or practice more with the activities they have. It all starts with the lesson guides. From there, a person can practice virtual cameras, effects, patterns, rigging, animation, environment modeling, character modeling, and  crowd rendering. There’s lots of stuff to do. If a person wants to do computer animation for a living I recommend Pixar in a Box because it is very helpful. I think it would be the perfect website to help a person if a person would like to do this for a living.

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Learn Art on the Computer

I just got this email from Kahn Academy.  AVID 7 uses Kahn Academy a lot for a variety of different reasons but our favorite is coding.  Below Kahn Academy is giving students a chance to learn how to make artwork that could be used to make animated movies.

We have a brand-new Pixar in a Box lesson for you to try out!
This week, we’re unveiling “Patterns,” which explores the math and art behind the creation of realistic dinosaur skin for Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur”:

Here is the link address if you need it.