Keep In Touch

Want to know what is going on in class?  Want to stay on top of homework?  Then students and parents need to join Remind.  Remind is a free app that allows me, Mrs. Espeseth, to text homework and other important messages to you through your phone or email.  It is free and safe.  Just send a text to the number 81010. Then in the text box type the word @cesp3


Espeseth Room 11 Technology Policy


  1. Students are expected to take out their work WHILE signing-in as soon as the tardy bell rings.
  2. When Mrs. Espeseth is talking students are expected to put the computer screen down and/or make eye contact. Do not work on computer unless requested to do so.
  3. Occasionally phones will be used in class, please silence them before coming into class.
  4. Respect the computers at all times. Do not write on them, deface them, or destroy them in any way.  Please come to me if you notice anything wrong with the computer.
  5. Be sure to log out at the end of every class period. Be nice and help out a fellow student who has forgotten to log out.
  6. Plagiarism is wrong and against the law. Please be sure to do your own work at all times.

What to Do When You Get Stuck

If, at any time, you have an issue with the computer do not exchange it for another one.  If there is something wrong with the computer I need to know.  If you run into a fixable glitch you need to know how to fix it.

  • When dealing with Wi-Fi issues it is best to be patient.
  • If a computer freezes then force close, wait 30 seconds, then restart the computer.
  • Most computer problems are operator error, be patient, try again, ask the people sitting next to you. If all of you do not know the problem then raise your hand and ask me.

What to do when you are finished with an Assignment

Go to and read an article.  Then comment on the article, be sure to include what you learned and what you found interesting.

If any computer rule is broken the following will be enforced:

  1. First Infraction-Warning
  2. Second Infraction-Loss of computer for the rest of the day/session, contact with the Dean, and a note home.
  3. Third Infraction-No computer for a week, contact with the Dean, and a note home.
  4. Fourth Infraction-Placement in another class.

Supply List

Wondering what school supplies to buy your student for the next school year?  This is the list I sent to all students before the end of the school year.   Remember that supplies run out typically around November or December.  Be sure to buy enough supplies for the entire school year, especially now when supplies are so inexpensive.

 If you are unable to get any of the school supplies for any reason, please email me or comment below. I am here to help your child succeed in school and will assist you with whatever I can.  If you have any questions about the supplies, please email me.  My email address is or feel free to comment below.

Each student is RECOMMENDED to have:

  •   Binder 1 1/2″ inch wide
  •   5 subject dividers
  •   Composition book (for science)
  •   Pens blue or black (at least 2)
  •   Pencils (at least 2)
  •   Highlighter (at least 1)
  •   Red pencil/pen for correcting
  •   Hand held pencil sharpener
  •   Colored pencils and/or crayons
  •   3 hole punch (thin & with holes so that can be placed inside a binder)
  •   Filler paper (college rule)
  •   * Pioneer Passport (these will be available at the beginning of the school year)

Please note:  depending on the specific needs of each class, it may be necessary to purchase additional items for your child.


What to Ask Your Teacher at the Beginning of the School Year

Is There A Syllabus?

All the rules of the classroom, what is on a test, how to get make up work, and other valuable information can be found on the syllabus.  Yet some students and most parents never read it.  And if they parents and student do read the syllabus they almost immediately forget the information.  The syllabus is like a student handbook for that particular class.

How Do You Grade?

No one should care about your grade except you.  It shouldn’t be the teachers responsibility to tell you what you need to raise your grade or how many points you need for a certain grade.  Be sure to ask the teacher in the beginning of the semester about grades.  Questions like does the teacher round up, or what happens if there is a missing assignment are important to know ahead of time so that a student is not doing a ton of make up work. that is of no value.

Do You Accept Extra Credit?

Many teachers allow extra-credit.  Make sure to ask how much it is worth.  Be sure you know if extra credit is constantly offered or only offered certain times of the year.

What Do I Do When I am Absent?

Most teachers have a system in place for absent students.  Make sure you know that system.  Teachers are busy and have many students, it can not be up to them to remember when you were absent and which papers you are missing.


If I Have a Problem When is the Best Time to Talk to You?


Some teachers actually leave their class at lunch and snack.  So when is the best time to talk to a teacher?  Sometimes it is during class, sometimes it is after school.  Every teacher is different.  If you need help with an assignment or need to talk about your grade do not assume that your teacher is waiting for you in their classroom.  Ask ahead of time so that if you need to talk you know where that teacher will be.


It is important to take notes the first few days of school and jot down important information about the policies of a classroom.  I found a great handout that will help you identify what is important.  Click Getting to Know Your Class to make a copy.

How to Study Better

I was reading an article entitled “7 Brain Hacks That Will Dramatically Improve Your Intelligence and Success” the other day on Flipboard and it got me thinking.  This would be a great article to read if a person was looking to increase their studying ability.  I have hit the highlights of the article below.  At the bottom is a link to the entire article if you are interested.

  1. A person should learn information in 50-minute increments.  Remember when we used to reset our OWL at school?  That’s because a person’s brain shuts down from overload.
  2. Study the most important information first.
  3. Don’t multi-task, which means a person may not be able to listen and sing along to music.  It definitely means that a person must put their phone away.
  4. Try new ways to memorize things.
  5. Ask the teacher or someone else that knows the material very well to explain it.
  6. Take notes.  Research has found over and over that writing information will help a person learn it better.
  7. Be prepared to get frustrated or tired. AND KEEP GOING.  It studying was easy we would all get As!


Read the entire article here!

What do you think?  Have any of the above worked for you?  Comment below…

Be Ready to Have a Great School Year!

Want your child to have a great school year?  Then start with the basics.  The following items are needed EVERYDAY for a student to do his/her best at school:

  • Sleep. Check out this article on sleep.  Sleep is incredibly important for a kid to be successful in school.  I have seen students many times too tired to concentrate.  It is crucial students and parents create a sleep schedule and STICK to it!
  • A regular time and place to do homework.  Homework is serious business.  In some classes, homework can account for as much as 50% of a student’s grade.  Be sure your student creates a routine to get homework done, EVERYDAY.  And where ever that homework spot is make sure it is a quiet, TV and radio free zone.
  • Help.  Sussman offers so many different programs to help students who need it.  Comment below or call me for all the places your student can get help before, during, or after the school day.
  • A full stomach.  Healthy Breakfasts and lunches are served at Sussman.  Be sure your student does not skip meals.  School is a lot of work and kids need all of the energy they can get.
  • Three-way Communication with parent, student, and teacher. Working together we can achieve a lot.

Please feel free to email me for help or more ideas and suggestions! at

Get more ideas here!

Welcome the New Semester Right!

Another new semester another new start.  Be sure you use each new semester to your advantage.  Check out these tips to make Seventh grade a fabulous year!

1. Use your time wisely!

  • Be sure to use your Pioneer Passport EVERYDAY!  Don’t just write your homework also include projects, tests, field trips, practices, and any other commitments you do not want to forget.
  • Be sure to review your Pioneer Passport everyday to be sure you know when assignments are due.  The older you get the more assignments you will have.  Getting in the habit of checking when items are due will make you a very successful person.
  • Don’t wait to do assignments until the last minute, unexpected things come up.

2.  Be Prepared to Work Hard!

  • Some people think that the first few weeks of a semester is not important.  That is not true.  A student should work just as hard the first few weeks of school as the end.  In fact, if you consistently work hard school would be easier and you would get better grades.

3.  Talk to Your Counselor!

  • Having trouble in a class?  Is it too easy?  Too hard?  Is there someone in class that is bugging you?  Do you sit next to someone you are going to talk to? Then tell your counselor.  Your counselor is there to help you do well in school.  If you need help ask for it.

4. Set a Goal!

  • Find a reason to do well in school.  Set a goal or find a roll model that will want you to work hard in school.
  • Think about last semester.  What would you have liked to have done differently?  How could you have gotten better grades?
  • Stay positive.

Identifying realistic and specific academic and personal goals can help motivate you. Try to remain positive, and acknowledge (and celebrate) each goal you meet. You deserve it!

5 Myths About Learning That Are Wrong!

I was reading a great article from Flipboard the other day about the 5 myths we have about learning.  A really great article about a super important subject.  Check out a bit of the article here and then be sure to read the entire article from the link at the end.

  • We have set learning styles.  In other words just because a person is a visual learner doesn’t mean a person can’t learn using their hearing or their hands.


  • Rereading material over and over again is a good way to study.  No way! It’s a good way to not engage with the information and put 0 effort into the work.


  • Focus on one subject at a time.


  • A person’s first answer is always the best answer.  Not exactly.  I myself can think of a million times I have thought about an answer and changed it because my initial thinking was false.


  • The more hours you put into studying the better you will understand the material.  See above.  If a person is mindlessly reading or not engaging with the information nothing will be remembered.  In fact, a person may just be wasting their time.

Read the entire article here!

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  Comment below!

What Grade Will You Deserve?

A Student

  • DOES ALL work assigned perfectly
  • Studies before a test
  • Pays attention in class
  • Asks questions
  • Does not cheat or plagiarize on ANY assignment
  • Is organized
  • Uses class time wisely
  • Writes neatly and completes thoughts in full sentences
  • Reads and follows directions
  • Has a positive attitude and LIKES school
  • Does not use absences as an excuse not to work

B Student

  • Does MOST work assigned perfectly
  • Turns in EVERY assignment
  • Pays attention in class
  • Asks questions
  • Studies before a test
  • Does not cheat or plagiarize on ANY assignment
  • Is organized
  • Uses class time wisely
  • Writes neatly and completes thoughts in full sentences
  • Reads and follows directions
  • Has a good attitude and LIKES school
  • Does not use absences as an excuse not to work

C Student

  • Pays attention in class
  • Turns in MOST assignments
  • Asks questions
  • Studies before a test
  • Is organized
  • Uses class time wisely
  • Writes neatly and completes thoughts in full sentences
  • Does not use absences as an excuse not to work

D Student

  • Pays attention in class
  • Asks questions
  • Uses class time wisely