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Don’t Waste Your Summer!

As you are patting yourself on the back for finally getting out of middle school and heading to high school don’t think you are going to just sit back and WASTE your summer.  No way!  You are an AVID student and you should begin to prepare for the rigor of High School because I promise you high school is way harder than middle school especially if you plan on taking honor’s/A.P. classes!


So how can you prepare for high school during the summer you ask yourself.  Read!  Get into the habit of reading every day.  In high school, you will be expected to read a lot more than you did in middle school.  English classes will expect you to read novels and your other classes will expect you to actually read the textbook.  Gasp!

Find the Downey High website.  See what’s on it.  There you will find information about clubs, activities, special events, games, and important information.  Some teachers will use the website to write down homework and other important assignments.


Be sure to attend Summer School.  For only a few hours a day, you will learn where everything is located on campus, make new friends, get some credits, work on your GPA, and NOT LOOK LIKE A LOST FRESHMEN.  Every student that has taken AVID summer school has said it was completely worth it.  Give it a try.

Lastly, be sure to read this website.  I am always putting great things on this site.  Go through and look around there will definitely be a few things worth reading.

Congratulations, class of 2018, I will miss you!