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Meeting Jacob Sartorius by Diamond S.

Students were asked to write a memoir based on one important experience from their lives.  Check out Diamond S.’s memoir.  It is about her getting a chance to meet Jacob Sartorius.

Meeting Jacob Sartorius

One of the most exciting days of my life was meeting, what I hope will be, my future husband.  On Halloween, my mom surprised me with tickets to see Jacob Sartorius. I was so shocked that I couldn’t even breathe. My mom bought me the tickets because I was working hard in school and trying to keep my grades up.  The day finally arrived.  There was a short line. While my mom was waiting in line I decided to get water. While I was waiting for the water, I realized that I saw Jacob’s dad. I was totally freaking out. After I got the waters, I went to my mom and I said,” I saw my future father -in-law!’’ “Huh?’’ my mom asked.  I explained to her,” I saw Jacob’s dad while I was waiting in line. “Ohhhh.’’ my mom said.

I was about to meet 4 different artists, The Bomb Digz, Johnny Orlando, Baby Ariel, and finally Jacob. Once I got inside the building, my heart started pounding really fast! I went up to The Bomb Digz, I was smiling and scared at the same time. I took a picture with them, then moved on to the next act. Johnny Orlando was next.  I was waiting in line and all of a sudden, Johnny came up, and HUGGED ME!  We took a picture together.  On to Baby Ariel I thought. She is my queen.  I was very excited to meet her.  As I walked up to her, she called me “gorgeous”. That made me so happy, I wanted to cry but I was holding it in. Finally, I was going to meet the boy of my dreams, Jacob Sartorius. As I walked up to him, he called me a cutie and then he hugged me. I was so happy.  I smiled when we took a picture.   And then I just had to hug him again. We left to go to the stage to wait for the performance to start. Five hours passed before the concert started. I didn’t care, it was the best night ever. I’ll never forget that concert or meeting the boy of my dreams, or should I say, my future husband? Even though my heart was pounding and beating fast all night it was a happy night. I hope one day I can see Jacob again without me being scared or crying.


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