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Memoir by Emma C.

Students were asked to write a memoir based on one important experience from their lives.  Check out Emma C.’s memoir.  It is about her final softball game to win the championship.


“BAM” the ball was hit and it went flying! In 2013, I was happy! Something happened that I couldn’t believe. My softball team won the championship! It all started when we got to the park. The girls and I started to warm up. Our coach told us to put our game face on. We had to win. About two hours later it was game time. That’s when I got more nervous!

First, we started on the field. My coach put me in left outfield. The whole time I was out there, I was nervous. My teammate next to me said,” Don’t worry you’ll be fine.” And at the moment, the ball was hit right at us. It came more towards the girl I was talking to. She wasn’t paying attention so I ran and caught the ball. Threw it to second base and the hitter was out!

When we went to bat, my coach told me,” Good job Emma!” Now it was my turn to bat. When I stepped into that box, my heart started beating fast. The ball was pitched. It was just me and the ball. Right when it came to me, I hit it. Bam! I started running as fast as my legs could take me. I made it all the way to third base. After me, another girl hit. When she hit, I ran home. That feeling I got when I scored was like a happy feeling. It all felt unreal. I had scored!

An hour past and it was the last batter from the other team. All we needed for us to win was is to get her out. The girl who was pitching was my friend named Piper. She had fast arms so I had hoped. The first time she pitched the girl missed. That means one strike. The second time she pitched, she missed again. Now one more strike and we are winners! So, Piper pitched the ball. The girl swung, but she missed! At that moment we were winners! We got 1st place!!! I will never forget that feeling when I hit that ball and went home! Now I just need to practice harder to hit a homerun!


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