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Cal State Long Beach Field Trip by Dominic M.

Last week, on October 14th, I went to Cal State Long Beach while a few others stayed behind. Here are some of my experiences while on the college campus. We arrived at Cal State Long Beach, where we hopped out of the bus and entered the campus. The teachers who were there asked if anyone had ordered a lunch, I stood back knowing I had not until they said to just take anything, anyone. I found myself taking an apple juice from the box and putting it in my sweater pocket. Then, Mrs. Jeong told us to get into our groups. At  first, I had no clue what she meant but I soon discovered that a person’s group was based on a person’s AVID period and I was in the wrong group. I went into my correct group and the tour guide said that we would be touring the upper part of the campus. We went towards the nearest building and the guide said some information about the place before we entered. When inside, I saw a Carl’s Jr. and a few other restaurants and rooms. We went outside and went up the stairs to the upper part of the building and the guide said we would be eating in the area. Afterwards, we went down and started to tour the lower part of the campus. My bag’s handle ripped so I had a hard time carrying that on my back, plus my legs were starting to hurt from all the walking. We finally got back from the lower campus to the food court we saw earlier. I sat down near Mrs. Camacho and started to eat. When I finished eating, I talked to my counselor and the other two adults who sat there. Once finished, a group of kids and I went to the bookstore where I bought a multi pen for $2.99 plus tax. Very soon after, we went back to the school bus and went to school. Overall, I had a good time on campus and enjoyed the tour except for the walking. It’s definitely a college I’m going to consider when the time comes.