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Cal State Long Beach Trip! by Emma C.


Last week, on October 14th, my AVID class and I went to Cal State Long Beach. It was a fun and interesting experience. I got to learn all about college life. There were many students walking from class to class. Some of them were even riding all types of skateboards! I didn’t know a person could you even do that. There was a lot of art to see, like sculptures and ponds! The tour guide even said that Cal State Long Beach is famous for its art. Now the buildings. There were many different buildings to see. Every subject has its own building. There was a math building, art building, performance building, and much more. I couldn’t keep count because there were so many. My favorite part of the trip was seeing the big pyramid! It was huge and blue. The pyramid is a gym where the basketball players played. It was closed so we didn’t get to go inside. After that, we got to eat lunch. My partner and I got food from Ccarl’s Jr., while others ate at the classic Starbucks! Lunch was fun because we got to eat and go to the gift shop! Cal State Long Beach was fun except for the walking part. My legs were really tired when I got back to school. Overall, the trip to Cal State Long Beach was really fun!