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Pixar In a Box by Aaliyah R.

Last week, in AVID, we discovered a website that teaches computer animation. The website is called Pixar in a Box. It can be found on Khan Academy. It has everything needed to teach computer animation. It shows videos and guides it even has practice lessons. It also has quizzes so a person can fully understand what a person needs to do. If a person gets an answer wrong a person can watch the video again or practice more with the activities they have. It all starts with the lesson guides. From there, a person can practice virtual cameras, effects, patterns, rigging, animation, environment modeling, character modeling, and  crowd rendering. There’s lots of stuff to do. If a person wants to do computer animation for a living I recommend Pixar in a Box because it is very helpful. I think it would be the perfect website to help a person if a person would like to do this for a living.