Be Careful When Choosing a Major

Colleges have a job to do and that is to educate their students.  A student’s job is to figure out which major will best serve the student.  Sadly, some students do no understand that those two goals are not the same.  There are many instances where students spend quite a bit of money for a college degree that will not get them the job they want.  It is very important for a student to research the career he/she wants, learn what is needed to get that career, and find how many jobs are really out there in the real world.  AVID 7 does three different college projects during the year to help students understand the importance of researching the career they want before starting college and before choosing a major.  I found this great article the other day that describes the top majors that are most difficult to find employment.  These are the degrees students should stay away from in the near future.  The numbers may change the closer a student attends college.  Remember to keep checking the data, a student’s future may depend on it.  To read 33 college majors where graduates don’t end up doing what they expect, click here!


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