Twenty Richest Private Colleges in the U.S.

I just found an article in Business Insider that reveals the twenty richest private universities in the United States.  The top school is worth $36 billion dollars and could buy the companies Prudential, General Mills, or Nokia.

So what exactly does a university do with all of that money?  Good question.  The money is used to run the school, provide financial aid to students who can not afford to pay the high tuition.  Fund research and grants for people to discover new medicines, new technology, or just new ways to do things.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), an organization under the US government that collects and analyzes education data, provided Business Insider with the most recent figures on US college endowments (the fiscal year ending in October 2014). It also provided its most recent data on the annual cost for a student to attend each college while living on campus.

Click on the link here to check out the twenty wealthiest private colleges.  Each school has an endowment of more than $3 billion!



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