Getting Ready to Take the SAT

Khan Academy has one mission–To provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

The newest way Khan Academy is trying to help others is with a free SAT prep.

The SAT is a test that 11th and 12th graders take.  The results of that test are used by colleges to gauge how well a student will do in college.  Some colleges require a certain score on the SAT to be accepted to that school.

8th grade AVID students are incredibly lucky, they get to take a practice version, called the PSAT, this April.  Khan Academy has teamed up with the company that gives the practice version of the SAT to help students practice for the real test.

By creating a partnership with the College Board, Khan Academy can get access to students’ PSAT test scores to help create a learning program exclusively for the student and it is all free.  If students take advantage of lessons it is possible to raise SAT scores.  Those raised SAT scores may help students get into college.

Kahn Academy hopes that this program will make getting into college more fair for everyone.

AVID 7 has used Khan Academy before while we were learning to code.  Click here to start your SAT practice lessons.


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