Chunking, A Reading Strategy

Chunking is a great reading strategy that takes text and breaks it down into manageable chunks.  By breaking text into smaller chunks, readers can identify key ideas, summarize easier, and ultimately organize the information.
Let’s get down to chunking.
Step 1 read the text.  Find ways to break up the text.  Perhaps by sections, by pages, or by concepts.  A chunk can be any length, if a reader is new to this strategy then my suggestion would be to start with half a page to a page in length.


Step 2 rewrite the chunks in your own words. By the end of the reading a reader should have a summarized version of the text.  It might be interesting to try to limit the summary to 20 words or to try and draw a picture of the summary instead of writing one.  Whatever a reader decides to do be sure to include important vocabulary.

Step three review the summarized version of the text.  A reader should read the summarized version and ask themselves questions to be sure all important information was included.  A reader can also compare summarized versions with other readers.  This is especially helpful for tests.

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9 thoughts on “Chunking, A Reading Strategy

  1. Chunking is a very easy reading strategy that can help create a summary about your reading. I have always wanted a strategy like this!


  2. I think chunking is very important and every teacher should show this strategy to their kids to make their life a little easier


  3. This helps a lot of people because chunking will help when doing a test that needs paragraphs chunking would work the best.


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