Study Tips

1) Read All the Information

Whether it is notes, a chapter in a book, review worksheets, or study guides read all of it.  Reading all the information given by a teacher is a great way to study for a test.  Just don’t think that because you have read the information a few times you have studied.  By reading all of the information you are filling in gaps in your knowledge, that is a good thing and may help you remember the information better.  But reading something over and over is not studying and will not help you do well on a test.  So be sure to read all information once, maybe even twice, then set out to memorize it.


2) Ask yourself questions

There is a reason you learn to ask so many questions in AVID.  Asking questions actually helps you remember information better.  It also helps you process what you are learning and helps you make connections to what you are learning.

Asking questions helps you figure out what you know and what you don’t know.  If you had to peak at your notes to remember the answer.  Study it again.  If you know the answer very well move on to the next question.


3) Make connections to what you already know

The last question on a learning log is asking students to make connections to other lessons.  When a student makes a connection it makes for better learning  because it allows the learner to build on prior information, helping the information stick.


4) Draw a Picture

Another great way to help yourself remember something is to draw a picture of whatever you are studying.  Whether it be a diagram, model, or flowchart drawing helps your brain remember.  By creating active learning, learning items on your own by doing something, your brain works harder which in turn helps your remember better.


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